Thursday, June 13, 2013

What to know about focus group in China

What is a focuss group?

A focus group is a qualitative research which takes the form of a meeting of a group of person (around ten, more or less), to determine the answer of this group and the attitude which it adopts with regard to a product or to a service (generally not yet known). In the world of the marketing, focus group, are perceived as tools favored to proceed to an analysis concerning the new products and the services. The focus group allows the companies which wish for it to develop, to test and to discuss names, packaging materials, packagings, before marketing them. This approach also allows to collect information concerning the potential of the market and the reaction of the public, to allow the product, or the service, be widely accepted.

Focus group in China

A focus group in China is realized by means of various techniques of animation of group ( free, directive or semi-directive interview... A focus group is generally realized in a room but can be also realized on the Internet. The focus group in China is a technique of qualitative study which consists in gathering a half-dozen of Chinese or influencing consumer individuals to understand more in depth the attitudes of consumption of the Chinese or behavior towards an offer.

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