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How to register an high-tech company in China

How to register an high-tech company in China

The American Office of the statistics (Census) created a category "advanced technologies" which corresponds to products answering the following criteria: the used technology has to stand out from a high-technology recognized sector (for example the biotechnologies, the information technologies) and must be state-of-the-art.

Register as high-tech Company in China

In China, according to SJ Grand, a company cannot register as "high-tech" and to be certified as such as if it enters the categories mentioned above and if she answers the following conditions: at least 30 % of his staff has a level of studies upper or equal to the first university cycle; more than 5 % of the income of its sales is dedicated to the search and to the development (R*D); and more than 60 % of its sales concerns technological services and high-tech products.

register high-tech in China

Chinese statistics on the business of high technologies

Until 1998, the Chinese statistics on the business of high technologies included the computing and the telecommunications, the life sciences, the aerospace industry and the aeronautics, the electronics, the armament, the industrial automation, the nuclear technologies, the biotechnologies, and the state-of-the-art materials. Since then, the armament and the nuclear technologies do not appear there anymore, but appeared a new category - " other technologies " - which is most probably the combination of the armament and the nuclear technologies.
Not high-tech category could be subdivided into various levels, according to the technological intensity, and to the profit and to the added value which result from it, according to Daxue Consulting leader, Matthieu David. Let us take the example of computers: the first level is the central processing unit and the operating system, dominated by the model Wintel (microprocessors of Intel, operating system and main applications of Microsoft). The second level, which includes elements-keys as integrated circuits, memory chips and screens, presents a higher level of risk but also profit.
Daxue Consulting
Daxue Consulting is a firm which support foreign high-tech investor in China

The lowest third and level is the one of the assembly and the manufacturing of finished products; the technological level is lower whereas the logistic costs are higher, the advantages consist of economies of scale, sales and located services. Apparently, China is essentially limited at this lowest level.
Mysimax is a China-based company looking to provide high-tech in emerging country. Its founder, JX Paulin, who is also an expert on China high-tech landscape, told us the complexity to register a high-tech company in China.

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