Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How to organise a focus group

Here below the 5 steps of the focus group:

1.The selection of participants
  • Formation of several groups (6-10 people) depending on the characteristics of the population and its subject matter
  • homogeneity of the group, do not put people in knowledge too different or different status
  • Encouraging participation (reimbursement or meals)

2. Create the interview guide of the focus group
  • Definition and delimitation of topics
  • Development of questions: open questions, closed questions...

3. The selection and training of facilitators
  • Motivation and neutral facilitator
  • Communication skills and interpersonal

4. The course of the discussion
  • Discussion "over water" and not strictly followed the interview guide
  • Taking notes or recording (audio and video if allowed)

5. L'analyse and report results
  • Interpretation and comparison of information between different groups
  • Using citation in the evaluation report

And now, you know everything about the focus group organization

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