Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Focus on entrepreneurship in Africa

In several African countries, as in Mali, the way of the entrepreneurship is a solution favored by numerous young people to try to make a career.

Group of entrepreneur in Africa

«If I had not made that, I do not really see what I would have been able to make of other one ", notices Hamidou, young Malian entrepreneur who created his company of electronics with his brother five years ago. The first motivation of the young people comes by way of an acknowledgement of impotence: the work is lacking, the studies are only few or not valued, then, it is necessary to create to survive. The Forum of Bamako, which was held until February 15th in the capital, put, for several years, the entrepreneurship at the heart of the debates where the professionals meet the students and the researchers. This year, as Mali tries to reconstruct economically after two years of conflict, it takes a particular importance.

«There is already very numerous companies which work in this way in Africa, my idea are different ", underlines Madjissem Beringaye. This young leader of company wishes to open a center of entrepreneurship and experimental innovation during year 2015: ten young entrepreneurs will be selected to integrate the incubator and will benefit then during one year of an accompanying in the process of development of their project. One of the keys of the success in its spirit, it is to bet on the training: in theory, 25 bearers of project will benefit every quarter of training in the accounts department, in the legal procedures of new business start-up, in the elaboration of the business plan. The best entrepreneurs stemming from the training will integrate then the experimental center. «About 120 young people will be every year formed and accompanied. It represents so many families, communities, villages, which will be made sensitive in the necessity of taking care and of beginning. "

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