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Focus group shows bad relationship between China and Japan

Focus group shows bad relationship between China and Japan

Focus group hold in China and Japan

focus group China
We knew the diplomatic relations between China and Japan are execrable. A focus group hold in Japan reveals the scale of the disenchantment between their respective citizens, a deterioration mainly connected to territorial disputes between both Asian powers.
More than half Chinese glimpse even the possibility of a military conflict in the future, against 29 % Japanese side, according to this focus group led by the Japanese independent think tank Genron NPO and the newspaper of State China Daily.
For the last year, the perception of the Japanese towards the Middle Kingdom degraded. From now on 93 % of them have a "unfavorable" impression of it, against 90,1 % previously, what already represented a record since the implementation of the focus group in 2005.
In cause, «the hegemonic attitude " of China, which the actions are judged «incompatible with the international law ". It claimed will to monopolize the natural and energy resources is also pointed.
The Chinese are on their side 86,8 % not to be thought of the good of Japan, that is a slight improvement with regard to the 92,8 % recorded in 2013.

Many reasons for this bad feeling

The heart of the problem is the nationalization by Japan two years ago exactly of three of the islands of the small uninhabited archipelago Senkaku, at the origin of a deep diplomatic quarrel between both countries. These territories situated at sea by oriental China are administered by Tokyo but claimed by Beijing under the naming Diaoyu.
Other reason called by the questioned member of the focus group in China: the historic vision of Japan which has difficulty in recognizing the exactions of its soldiers during the war.
But in the end, this dark image bases on no concrete experience, because the direct interaction between both peoples is very low. Few questioned by Japanese focus group visited China (14,3 %), and very few Chinese focus group respondent did so in Japan (6,4 %). As a result, their feeling bases itself widely on the information brought back by the media of their own country.
Most of the people sounded in both countries (between 70 and 80 %) consider however that this situation is not bearable and that it is necessary to bring to her a solution quickly.
In the same direction, China Daily qualified this poll of "worrying", calling the Sino-Japanese managers to meet as quickly as possible. It said it before adding: «the ball is in the camp of Japan ".
Since their coming to power at the end of 2012, the Japanese right Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the Chinese president Xi Jinping have never held bilateral summit, in spite of the numerous calls of Mr. Abe. He «has to prove by concrete acts that he wishes sincerely an improvement of the relations ", insists the everyday life.
The focus group was realized in July and August from the answers of 1.000 Japanese and 1.539 Chinese of 18 or more years old.

focus group China

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