Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Why qualitative market surveys in China are relevant ?

It is a method of marketing research, after analysis from the consumers' interview. Contrary to the quantitative studies, the qualitative studies are an analysis in depth of the studied target. The questions remain opened, as frequently as possible, and we go more in depth in the analysis with a number of interviewed persons more restricted.

Considered like too literary, the qualitative studies of market are often considered, because not contributing ciphered information. Nevertheless they are extremely rich in information, they allow to interrogate the consumers in depth on their motivations, the brakes to the purchase, their perception of the product, the sacred thoughts, to gather suggestions,...

Why qualitative market survey in China are hard to set up?

In China, the qualitative studies are very difficult to realize, for several reasons:

The barrier of the language, besides the problems of comprehension, Chinese a great number of phrases use derived to express, because the franchise  is considered still enough badly, and it can be perceived as an evil polished and possible source of conflict.

In addition, which have live in China know that, the comprehension of this language and the differences of meaning of the words that follow  the regions give a theft with real headhache for the analyses area.

For example, xiaojie ", miss, is positive in the southern part and means prostitute in the northern part, the word "fan", mean " the rice " to Hong Kong and Taiwan whereas this means a plate in continental China

Therefore conduct this kind of analysis require extrem level of knowledge of your market to can be efficient. For foreigner, it is mostly relevant to work with local companies to can insure the good quality of data gathering. Even if it is sometime not enough.

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