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Travel in Group in Myanmar

Travel in Group in Myanmar

Myanmar, formerly Burma , is the most extraordinary guided tour of South East Asia . The wheel turns, as well as prayer wheels of Schwedagon , and Aung San Suu Kyi is finally recognized The Lady . A circuit in a small group in Burma , under the enlightened comment your tour guide , allows in-depth discovery of history and civilizations that have shaped this former Burmese empire.


Capital Rangoon nostalgic colonial neighborhoods and bustling markets , Mandalay , pagodas wood , gold and stucco ... The light on the pagodas of Bagan is unique. Bowls offerings, yellow saffron robes of monks, Buddhas worshiped expressed great gentleness as the smiles that accompany you along your journey in Burma. A circuit in Burma will allow you to discover or revisit the major sites and lesser known who the magic of this country. Colonial Rangoon bears the signature of the British Empire, but also home to the most grandiose Pagoda Asia Pagan , it must be lost in the maze of temples in Mandalay, let yourself be carried away by the processions of monks on Inle Lake, sneak you in the middle of the boats to meet minority locales.Vous prefer to travel in small groups ?


Although Yangon's infrastructure is undeveloped compared to those of other major cities in Southeast Asia, it has the largest number of colonial buildings in the region today.
 While many high-rise residential and commercial buildings have been constructed or renovated throughout downtown and Greater Yangon in the past two decades, most satellite towns that ring the city continue to be deeply impoverished.

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Our package tours are designed by passionate teams who know the field and took advantage of our expertise in tailor-made trips via . Groups are deliberately reduced to maintain a certain friendliness, and supervised from start to finish by a lover of his country guide . For travel in Burma , we offer a wide range of possibilities and different routes you will find below a selection. Individual and customized or grouped (small groups of 12 people max. ) , Our destination specialists are at your disposal to build the trip of your dreams.

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